Spring Onion
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Spring Onions


Spring onions are comprised of small round to oval bulbs, attached to a straight, layered stalk of overlapping leaves. The bulbs are smooth, firm, crisp, and succulent, found in bright white hues. There may also be a cluster of fresh, flexible, and fine tan roots attached to the bulb’s base. The slender, tubular leaves have a stiff, thick, and crunchy consistency and are hollow, bearing dark green hues on the edges and lightening to a pale green tone near the bulb. Spring onion bulbs contain sugars and are absent of the gases developed in more mature bulbs, creating a sweet and mild, mellow flavor. The leaves have a stronger taste and contribute pungent, and grassy nuances. Spring onions contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. The onions also provide calcium, potassium, antioxidants, and other nutrients, including phosphorus, magnesium, and copper.


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